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Dear Linda,

I've been going out with my girlfriend for seven years now and something's just not right.

When we started seeing each other I was 17 and she was 16. It was natural then for us to spend a lot of time with each other's families, but over the years nothing has changed.


I moved out for college and when I finished, I rented a room with some friends. She still lives at home and doesn't seem to have any intention of moving.

Our house can get a little rowdy and s

he says she can't sleep with the lads coming and going at all hours of the night so she prefers if I go over to hers.

We have dinner with her family and watch telly for an hour, then he takes herself off to bed while I'm left talking to her sister and Mum. Sometimes I'll head to bed a few hours later to find her wide awake and on her phone the whole time.

Neither of us is comfortable with having sex in her room, which is right next to her little sister's, so we only ever do it at my place. Every couple of months I'll complain that we haven't had sex in ages and she'll agree to come over to mine for a quickie. Then I driver her home to her house to sleep.

She has a good job and earns decent money but I think she prefers to live at home where her mum cooks all her meals and does her laundry.

But I'm really frustrated with how things are going. Is there any way I can I get her to grow up?


Yours in anticipation,

Less Interesting than an iPhone 7


One thing's for sure, there's nothing romantic about any of this. It sounds like you and your girlfriend barely spend any time together and she is certainly not putting in much effort.

Relationships can easily get stale when you've been dating for a while, but it's up to both parties to keep it interesting.

Suggest a date night once a week where you go out for a drink or a meal, take a class together or even go for a drive or a cycle. If she doesn't seem interested, sit her down for a proper chat.

Explain that you want a little fun and excitement, and that regular sex is really important to you. If she's truly happy with things the way they are, then you'll have to consider whether there's any value left in the relationship for you. Remember, there's plenty of time for a sexogenarian lifestyle when you're in your 60s!


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